Sunday, September 30, 2007

Planet Terror Review


Bwahahaha! Oh man, do I love this film. Other than being utterly crazy stupid, Planet Terror is a fine parody; a practical joke about all that blood and guns stuff that we love. Poor plot line, mossy sets, dim lights and mediocre performance - Robert Rodridgez has successfully created a parody of all those shitty ass retro and low budget horrors that made zero dollars back in the day. However, retro is definitely in and this movie was an exuberant zombie bloodbath that will happily join my zombie Horror collection. 8.6/10.

Handsome Boy Modeling School Delivers


Because being a male model requires skill and finesse.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fantom G-Force 1TB External Hard Drive


Earlier this month, MicroNet released the G-Force MegaDisk NAS (MDN1000). The features were good and the price tastes so right, I really can't wait to get my hands dirty all over it's beautiful aluminum finish that matches right with my Lian-Li PC-V600 Case.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Death Proof Review


Greatly entertaining, adrenaline-juiced, and sexy as hell - this movie pays homage to those old school flicks indeed, but Quentin may have overdone the dialogue trying to develop for character. At times, the dialogue drags on and you're siting there dying to see the next bad-ass crash, car chase, or hot shots of the ladies in action. Unfortunately, this is what keeps the movie from becoming an instant cult classic; the unnecessary dialogue. One thing to note, the music soundtrack is one of the best of its kind, rolling over to themes used in Kill Bill and other Tarantino's classics. 7.2/10.

How To Hang Your Artwork and Not Screw It Up


Picture hanging made simple; always hang your art at 57" on center. "On center" means that the middle of the picture is at 57" (obviously, the hook will be higher - normally 2" from the top will be where the wire is). If you got tons of art, surround it, but keep it standard human height. This will make it more uniform and natural.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Superbad Review


It's American Pie all over again, with barely-legal teenage testosterone driven crazy goodness. Entertaining as hell? You betcha. The name "McLovin" will always be embedded in my brain for eternity. 8.5/10.

Barcelona Black Leather Chair


Ah yes, how refreshing. Back in the day, I constantly schemed how to steal one from the lobby of a nearby office building. In my mind it would have been the heist of the century, equivalent to absconding with the Mona Lisa or a bag of diapers. Even now, despite the price drop, I still find it ever so appealing. The elegant design never seems to fall past the minimalist's aesthetic. Get it on here if you have the mula.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Twelve and Holding Review


Wow. I saw only a few commercials for this movie early on a few years back and it really didn't look at all interesting, but I must admit I was blown out of the water with the complexity and quantity of themes ranging from cultural obesity to religion, soul searching to parent-adolescent relationships. The characters all developed layers of personality and you could truly feel for the pre-teens as they experience what could only be called "irreversible trauma" in the eyes of adults. The writing and style of the movie is even too real at times, which makes it all the more emotionally charged. By far one of the most satisfying dramas I've ever seen. 8.8/10.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Roisin Murphey Get Down Time


Just because I thought T.G.I. Fridays needs a little more spicing up if they ever want me to go there again.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Has Apple Gone Too Far With Their Closed System?


"iPods, Airports, Apple TVs, and now iPhones, Apple wants every app perfect. Which is nice, in theory. In practice, it means innovation only happens at Apple's pace. The marketplace of ideas is much smaller, and the devices are much poorer because of it. (Example: Why can't I stream music from my iPhone or iPod touch to my Airport Express?)" -Taken from Call Me Fishmeal

I mean shit, if Apple charges iPod accessory makers a fee just to put "Made for iPod," that says enough for me when a company I used to hold high and mighty to become nothing more than a greedy bunch of guys sitting in a room planning the next great way to take money from consumers.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Might As Well Dedicate This One To Butters


Since I've been referencing to Butters much lately, you could say I'm very much in love with the stupid little guy. I figured just in case someone out there didn't know who this wonderful kid is, I threw up a recent episode of him in Southpark where Cartman... does things to him.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sam Hecht Designs New LaCie Portables


Sure, okay I know I've been bashing on LaCie forever now about the crappy quality of their drives, but one thing they've "got it going on" much more than the competition is their keen eye for good design. As much as I've got a crush on Western Digital's MyBook, these simply cannot be beat in terms of aesthetics. Come take a look.

Hotel Rwanda Review


It's often difficult, at times nearly impossible, to watch a movie surrounding the theme of genocide. What's worse is the reality behind the politics and indifference the Western world tends to exhibit during these times of immediate need - let's not even mention Hurricane Katrina and that's in our own borders (Kayne probably said it best anyway). Not only does Hotel Rwanda establishes itself as one of the most moving, substantially critical films in 2006, it also makes you actualize how significant the absence of war in our day to day lives really is. That is, no axes are flying through my window, thank you very much. 9.0/10.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Peas, Daily Life & Photography


Of course normally us college students don't have much money, let alone time, to enjoy the simple things life has to offer until school ends and we're sent off into the real world to look for 8-5 jobs. I've found the very least I could do with my makeshift camera is photograph the bits and pieces I scurry through daily and hope they spark that memory a few years down the line when I've got some time to realize how much I've aged. Take pride, pea. You're the poster boy for a 4 year memory.

iPhone Gets Unlocked, Peddler Pushers Cry


I mean, news is news. Despite the fact the size of the ginormous phone still bugs me day and night, I found it quite entertaining watching people switch to AT&T just to use the iPhone. Anyway, read more here (Get ready for Death Star explosion).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Once Review


Musicals - a particular genre that I am easily unamused by because due to the fact that songs can be easily ruined by bad lyrics, acting, and/or presentation. The immediacy factor makes it one of the most difficult types of movies to master, but even though I took Once for a watch as a test run of my patience for musicals, I was utterly blown away at the approach, style, and authenticity of the movie. How often do we find the right one? Love isn't easy, but pouring your heart and emotions into a song and singing it until your mouth runs dry; it's pure and unconditionally bittersweet. 9.3/10.

Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová - If You Want Me (MP3)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Macbook Pro Review, Epitome of Laptops


I've never had to play favorites before. Not like this. Not with something so controversial. However, if I had to pick a laptop for the next 3-4 years, the Apple Macbook Pro wins no contest. Again, working at the computer shop forced me (Yeah, right) to take the latest model for extensive test runs lasting 5-6 hours at a time. Here's what I've concluded:

I think the greatest part about a Macs are the fact that you can always get those "Ah-ha!" moments in there, and when you do, it's ever so satisfying. For those who use the Adobe Creative suite, this is even so much more a of a necessity as it streamlines so perfectly with the OSX interface. Movies play on VLC so sexily and it can function as a media center all in itself - and with the remote: even sexier. 9.7/10.

Pros: Beautiful. LED-backlight saves battery. One of the lightest 15-inchers. Great software. Matches silver goodness. Dual-boot is now feasible.

Cons: Gets quite hot, like all laptops. Burns hole in your pocket after preliminary purchase.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sofa Table From Salvaged Table Legs


Erika Chapin, editor of Cribcandy and Popgloss made a gorgeous sofa table made from bamboo plywood and salvaged IMFORS legs. The simple lines makes modern pop like nothing I've ever seen. See more at IKEA Hacker.

Knocked Up Review


Rally up the troops, it's time for real issues here. I came into the movie thinking (not surprisingly) 40 Year Old Virgin, but it really wasn't like that at all. Sure, the actors may have been the same, but the humor is quite different - much more subtitle and referential. That doesn't keep it from pushing its way through (no pun intended) to become one of the best movies surrounding the primary theme of pregnancy that I have ever seen. 8.5/10.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Proving Somewhat Fuzzy Eyebrows Are Okay


Hata Mizuho does not have a unibrow, but she does have cute fuzzy eyebrows. No, not like Rock Lee. Her body is much sexier. Ah, come to think of it she kind of looks like someone I know... Hmmm...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Timber Triptic Slat Set


To make all the sleek design in your home look even better, check out these nature hanging panels. They can be used for cutting space or for decoration. Oh, and watch those pockets because it goes for $348.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kanye West - Graduation Review


Holy mackerel. New style. Great production. Every song sounds like a hit to me. Another gem to my collection. 9.4/10.

Kanye West (Ft. Lil Wayne) - Barry Bonds (MP3)

Shopping As A Means of Sustainability


I heard this podcast recently and I thought it brought up some very legitimate and thought-provoking points. Green consumerism is a very contradictory topic since we're breaking and creating at the same time, but if we're investing to save the environment - with solar panels, steam-cleaning washer and dryers, and better technology to curb our carbon dioxide release - is consumerism not generating long-run protection? I'm still ehhhh... about it, but take a listen to agree or disagree.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Chocolate. Gorilla. Phil Collins.


While I hesitate to go so far as to call this an ad - Cadbury themselves call it a “piece of content” - it’s definitely, well…different. And weird. And entertaining. Strange thing is, it has absolutely nothing to do with chocolate, but it's up there with my Skittles commercial loving.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Justin Timberlake & The Cure - Lullaby Love


As much as you might hate Justin or the band, you can't run away from a good mash-up.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The General Plasma TV Gaming Debate


Plasma fan: Plasmas are great for gaming. You don't get any motion blur and the black levels are great.
LCD fan: Yeah, but I don't want to worry about burn in. The new LCDs are so much better than the old ones. Motion blur is no longer an issue and more LCDs are 1080p.
Plasma fan: Burn in is not an issue with newer plasmas. You just have to be careful. 1080p is not a big deal unless you have a 50"+ TV and sit really close.
LCD fan: 1080p is the best thing ever. I can see the benefits of 1080p in a 32" TV at ten feet. Besides, I don't want to baby my TV. Plasmas only look good in dark rooms.
Plasma fan: You must have super human eyesight. LCDs only look good in bright rooms. I don't mind babying my TV for superior picture quality. Your black levels suck.
LCD fan: You suck.

And so on and so on.

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