Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Retro iPhone Mod Amazing, Still A Huge Phone


Momentarily, I have a black RAZR and a black 8GB iPod Nano 2G with zero complaints. However, if I were to ever get tired of having my pockets filled with flat technology items and were willing spend the epic amounts of money for the iPhone, I would definitely mod it to look something sexy like this.

Novozymes Big On Sustainability, Hires Me As Their New IT Intern


Thought I might as well announce it here before I put in my out two week notice for my job at the UC Davis TechHub. At my new job, I'll be working on servers, PC systems, security systems, AV maintenance, and the like. This is good news and bad news. Good news is I won't have to rent out my room to a stranger anymore and have my roomies hate me if things turn sour. Plus, I'll be doing something I like for once. Bad news is that I'll be out of the health profession/medical loop for an indefinite amount of time. With all honesty, that stuff gave me migraines for days. Kudos to the kiddies that are able to full off that feat without questioning whether they want it or not. For now, I'll throw in the towel and build more media centers.

Monday, October 29, 2007

DJ Khaled Keeps It Hood


A tasty pancake of synthesizers, d-d-dirty south, and epic hip-hop music. Come, have a taste!

DJ Khaled Feat. Akon, R. Kelly, T-Pain, Lil Kim & Young Jeezy - We Takin' Over (Remix) (MP3)
DJ Khaled Feat. Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and Andre 3000 - I'm So Hood (Remix) (MP3)

Gun Mug Lets You Kill


Kill time. Or maybe your next-door cubicle neighbor he annoys you all day with his country music an unreasonable volume from 7:00AM to 9:00AM, Monday through Fridays. Imaginary killing of course - take your pick with this hood mug and your choice of black with platinum trigger or white with gold-plated trigger.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

American Gangster Review


Way to shake things up. Ridley Scott's style is nothing short of brilliant, with fantastic attention to detail, and every scene is constructed perfectly. Hand in hand with the urban low-fi soundtrack, Russell and Denzel execute a performance worthy of a standing ovation. American Gangster poetically depicts the rise and fall of crime in New York, all at the same time telling a magnificent story that's beautifully directed. 9.3/10.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

How To Make A Next-Gen Console Sell


To accompany my dying need for an AIO solution, here's just a few things developers can do to improve the current state of console depression:

  1. Make a console that's easy for developers to port.
  2. Limit new redesigns and upgrades to 1 every 3 years.
  3. Integrate open-source media file support.
  4. Make internal hard drives SATA swappable.
  5. Make it as power efficient as hell.
  6. Give us more than 2 color choices.
  7. Do NOT charge for online connectivity.
  8. Have HDMI out. The more ports the better.
  9. Stop the format war and make a standard HD media.
  10. Give the console PC and Mac support.
  11. Make games downloadable for cheap (~$20). Then, allow gamers to return finished games for rebates for other games (~$10). This encourages a constant turnover in purchases and gamers don't feel like they are wasting time or money.
  12. Make VoiP/voice messaging support standard.
  13. Include TiVo abilities.
  14. Make rumble, wireless controllers standard.
  15. Beta test it and don't release it until it's ready.

In Dying Need of An All-In-One Solution


Okay, I've had it. These developers are lazy, lazy, lazy. Motherfuckers don't get paid enough or something?

The Playstation 3 - a horrid failure. I've tried to look at it at many angles. The Bluray and Cell are nothing without software and so far I see no third party games that have given it enough hype to go past a $150 price tag. They've made it so copyright-proof that no one has been able to hack it for years now. Congrats! The DS Lite sold millions mainly because of a flash cart override that allowed hacking to look like child's play. Free games drive console sales which you truly need. Might as well start making all the games free in order to generate user base, idiots.

The Xbox 360 - so much bad press that it gives me a headache. When I think of the 360, I think of rings. When I think 360, I think of a good idea on paper, but poorly executed. You call it a media center, but it doesn't even support x264, mkv, DivX, XviD, or any of the popular video codecs that make a media center sell. Your games are better, which I will admit, but you still can't sell me past $200. C'mon seriously. It's all plastic stuck together with super tape.

Nintendo Wii - it's fun for 10 minutes. Tupac entertains me longer than that. This console has no future. I pity the fool who is still trying to sell it on Craigslist for $300 thinking he'll make a profit.

You fanboys make me laugh. You're just as pathetic as these developers who don't know how to appeal to the masses. There should be guidelines next time they release an update; instead of filling up the market place with multiple SKU's that are straight up stupid IMHO. Gah, maybe I should just forcefully takeover a company to straighten out this mess.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire Evacuees Watch The Hilltops Burn


Times like these where I feel quite happy for what I've got. Even carpal tunnel doesn't bother me right now. Let's hope those winds lighten up, San Diego.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pelican PlayStation 3 Charge Station


The look of Pelican's Charging Station for the PlayStation 3 is slick and clean, sitting amongst your other gaming peripherals, seems definitely a more convenient way to keep your SIXAXIS controllers fully charged than plugging them into the PS3 directly. Suggested retail looks to be about $29.99 if you want matchy-matchy flashy-flashy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Panasonic HDC-SD1 Is Beautiful


Huge 3" viewscreen. Sharp resolution. Small. Light. Word on the street is that you can get this bad boy for around $800 online somewhere. Crisp self-indulgent high definition technology never looked so goddamn good.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Need A Badder Ass Costume This Year


Years have passed and I have never been able to pull off a worthy costume. I've spend hours at a costume store and come out with nothing. Last year I was a stupid looking soccer referee. This year I must blow the imaginary fish and mask-only costume wearers out of the water with an unbelievably incredible costume. My mixed bag of ideas so far: Mei (Shaolin Master) from Kill Bill, Mao Ze Dong (requires me shaving the front part of my hair off), or a gangster from Kung Fu Hustle.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tokyo Imperial


I found this paper recycling bin near the Shields Library filled with thrown away book sleeves and some of them looked pretty awesome. I filled up my backpack with at least 30 book covers and biked home. Using IKEA RAM Wooden 4x6 Frames I bought a few weeks back, I began cutting. After an hour or two, I whipped up a Tokyo Imperial themed 3x3 set. Tell me what you guys think! See more on my photostream.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Artful Logistics


Being as young as we are, as naive as we are, we often speak aloud our thoughts because they are independent to the outer culture. And with that, we become so engrossed to our self-reliance that our dreams become fragmented when the thoughts of disillusionment becomes real.

As kids we used to listen to music and draw stick figures of ourselves and our lovers. The dream occupation - the idealists' position in life - would be that of which allows you to become a child again. Killers, masochists, and homeless people enjoy this disposition. How beautiful life must be.

Doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. The epitome of the best of the best. They are, with all irony included, all manic depressives as they strive to achieve the impossible. Their brains have been picked on by the bully in 6th grade, and for that, they have gained. A gunshot to the head; they suicide at age 60 to make room for the world to grow. We call this their significant "benevolent contribution to society."

You originally figured yourself as a driver for better teeth because your first crush had a great smile with crooked teeth. What garbage. Today, your attempts to realign your hobbies and interests end up generating occupational garbage.

You soon realize it's all so complicated. Potential gets lost in a flurry of applications and requirements, the environment forces you to hate the closed doors as you exit higher level education, and you become frantic, feeling you bring to the table nothing but a sense of bewilderment - a judgmental middle finger to those who have it all in the bag, even though you know they will hate their life whilst telling themselves they're truly successful.

Or, perhaps, it's the other way around.
You're an optimistic art derivative, and you love music and technology like an obese midget loves his candy bar. You live in a world of agriculture and health freaks, but you are at heart a concrete jungle fanatic. You're kosher and you know your place. You got it in the bag and you will hate life whilst telling yourself, "I am successful."

Muse At Wembley Stadium, June 16th, 2007


Are we in the future? Doesn't matter. Muse shows how to run a badass %$#king concert with an epic intro and futuristic apocalyptic lasers. 'Tis ashame I was not in London for this.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If The Strokes Were French and Female


Then you would undoubtedly have the Plastiscines, a band on Virgin France records, whom recently has released an album last month into the states. These cute sodapop punksters sings songs of rock seduction and sugar-filled bang bang. Definitely don't miss out.

Plastiscines - Loser (MP3)

Alxbly's Immaculately Neat Games Collection


Method Man owns every console ever made. He's a geek taking it to the limit. However, there's only one way to take it past Method Man's limit, and that's if you have an unrivaled sense of style. Alxby, for example, has this and is now dominating and godly.

Graffiti Writer's Coloring Book


Fakeproject Corporation of America is really looking out for you budding street artists out there looking for a way to practice before applying your skills to the real world. The Graffiti Coloring Book has been released free of charge has many templates of objects you will find in the real world. Gotta love it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Logue Studio n02 TV Stand


Wahoo! It's like a TV stand with robot legs. Awesome-o! Funny thing is, the stand will put you back $1100, which costs more than most LCD TV's out there today. Oh, how grand is that!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heroes, Season 1 Review


What can I say. It's X-men, but it's not. It's not a super great show, but it strives to be one. It's not as epic as it attempts to sound, but it's still well thought out and cinematically pleasing. I already have Season 2 queued up for download, so that's gotta mean something. 7.8/10.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Friend Review


Set in 1976 and 1981, Korea, Chingoo tells an epic tale between friends diverging in in life. Chingoo means "friend," and that's what the story is primarily about - the strong bonds between males from birth until death. It illustrates how pure and innocent youthful friendships can be undone by the broader, but ultimately less important, adult world concerns of lust, greed and power. It's to no surprise why this movie gained so much recognition from film festivals worldwide - it gracefully combines the themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and hoodlum life without a single hitch in performance, story play, or imagery. This movie sits comfortably near The Godfather, being the most genuine Korean works I've seen to date. 9.4/10.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Colorware Makes 360's, PS3's, and Computers Become Elite


Colorware is a wonderful company that has the painting expertise of Van Gogh when it comes to customizing that iPod Touch, gaming machine, or lappy top to your liking. Their paint jobs usually run around $99, but for the amazing jobs they pull off it's more than worth it. Check out their site here.

The Myspace Girl Goes Audiomonkey


Like many, I don't think Tila Tequila is very special. She has a big head and big double D's. I can name a few of my friends who qualify under the same specifications, but I won't. Anyway, her latest single due to air MTV tomorrow afternoon seems to be the only song I like since she started vocalizing. So yeah, send her some congratulation pogs.

Tila Tequila - Paralyze (MP3)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pile of Clothes Or Map of Europe?


See more colorful clothes art over at Corriette Schoenaerts, way cool!

The Host Review


One of the biggest blockbusters in Korea in 2006 takes place in primarily around a parking lot near a bridge that overlooks a river. I feel, honestly, the less you know about the movie, the better it will turn out when you watch it. I had a blast watching it through and through, even screaming - "Oh shit!" a couple satisfying times here and there. The script was good. The performance was good. The visuals and American dialogue were a little less than average, but who cares! The movie was a nice breath of fresh air, though not perfect, surely emphasizes the common outlines of what we call family and adds a big, mean monster to bring us all together. 8.6/10.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Toy of Blackness And Deceit


Hurrah! Today was a good day at the computer shop. A customer offered to sell their 8GB bundled iPod Nano for $50 and of course I immediately jumped on the deal! Now I'm all giddy with my new toy, even though it's last generation and will not fly well with those hip Japanese, and I plan to abuse it all day tomorrow on my brand spankin' new earbuds. See more of her goodness on my photoblog.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Comcast Throttling Seen In Davis


Why oh why have my download speeds gone to 21 kb/sec? Via Digg, I've found this term coined to be "throttling" and it's pretty irritating once you've become a victim of Comcast sneaky violations of net neutrality. Basically, Comcast turns on and off your router using their modem you rent from them, then tests to see how the bandwidth meter on their side fluxuates. If their bandwidth skyrockets, then you're downloading too much and they will cap your download and upload speeds. This is usually done via port tracking and they will cycle your internet once that port gets used again. Think of it sort of like corporate Big Brother for your internet.

Good news: There's always ways around things. Here's some instructions on how to un-throttle your BitTorrent.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Jin Loves Dim Sum And So Should You


The video's awesome until the very end. Aiko Tanaka and Helen Su are featured enthusiastically eating their Dim Sum! I'm normally not a big fan of Chinese music videos, but this one was pretty damn entertaining. Click here for a much better quality version of this video.

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