Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Artful Logistics

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Being as young as we are, as naive as we are, we often speak aloud our thoughts because they are independent to the outer culture. And with that, we become so engrossed to our self-reliance that our dreams become fragmented when the thoughts of disillusionment becomes real.

As kids we used to listen to music and draw stick figures of ourselves and our lovers. The dream occupation - the idealists' position in life - would be that of which allows you to become a child again. Killers, masochists, and homeless people enjoy this disposition. How beautiful life must be.

Doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. The epitome of the best of the best. They are, with all irony included, all manic depressives as they strive to achieve the impossible. Their brains have been picked on by the bully in 6th grade, and for that, they have gained. A gunshot to the head; they suicide at age 60 to make room for the world to grow. We call this their significant "benevolent contribution to society."

You originally figured yourself as a driver for better teeth because your first crush had a great smile with crooked teeth. What garbage. Today, your attempts to realign your hobbies and interests end up generating occupational garbage.

You soon realize it's all so complicated. Potential gets lost in a flurry of applications and requirements, the environment forces you to hate the closed doors as you exit higher level education, and you become frantic, feeling you bring to the table nothing but a sense of bewilderment - a judgmental middle finger to those who have it all in the bag, even though you know they will hate their life whilst telling themselves they're truly successful.

Or, perhaps, it's the other way around.
You're an optimistic art derivative, and you love music and technology like an obese midget loves his candy bar. You live in a world of agriculture and health freaks, but you are at heart a concrete jungle fanatic. You're kosher and you know your place. You got it in the bag and you will hate life whilst telling yourself, "I am successful."


Kelly said...

i really love that word benovolent.. haha

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