Monday, September 29, 2008

Hakaba Kitaro Review


With such unique character design, spazzmatic pop culture, and fun things like monsters, the afterlife, and fart jokes, what could go wrong right? Well, to be frank; pretty much everything. Because there's no backstory to the series for viewers who don't follow the story from back when it all started in the 70's, watching the entire series from front to back causes a dizzying time frame disorientation. Plus, since every episode works like a book all in itself, the viewer doesn't have much motivation to continue watching after realizing there's no connection between any of the episodes whatsoever. Many fails make one failed series. 6.9/10.

Yin Hongyan Still Can't Believe It's Monday


Doesn't look too happy about it either. However, I am! Why? Because I'm going to begin directing my new 3 minute movie about nothing! Set to be released after my grad school applications, be sure keep an eye out!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Damian Ortega is the Controller of the Universe


Either that, or he has some kind of Final Fantasy 13 Versus fetish. More on his work here.

Starship Troopers Review


This is where pure science fiction meets pure B-movie - where heroes and action go hand-in-hand in the most ridiculously satirical script ever written. It's the kind of movie you go in thinking, "Yeah, this is going to be crap," but only to be blown away by the great story, acting, and attention to detail put into a film that's simply about blowing up gigantic bugs. Best of all, it remains true to the genre and makes a promising addition to any well-rounded movie collector's collection. 8.7/10.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beethoven Gets Waxed Over, Wears Glasses Now


Though my ongoing search for a digital keyboard within the $300-$500 budget constraints is beginning to look a bit grim, this will surely be enough to satisfy my eletrconica-classical nerve until that moment decides to come.

Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band - A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix) (MP3)

The Downfall of the Shepard Fairy Propaganda Movement


What do you say to a man who's lost his edge and is all out of good ideas? It's hard. Especially if that man used to be your hero for almost a decade of great work and influence. For me, Shepard has lost his inspiration. His clothing line is trash and the posters lately are only caught up by hype from kids thinking they're being rebels of society (just look at the Obama t-shirts rampant in Hot Topic). There's nothing wrong with building trees from roots, but at least create a style that continues to bring change and avoids the norms of mainstream at all costs. Because, I mean, wasn't that what the Obey Giant movement was all about to begin with?

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Fall Review


The Fall is admittedly one of the most fantastically directly movies I've seen in a while. Though it should come with little surprise since it's led by none other than the director of the movie, The Cell. Yeah, you remember that one right? With the weird serial killer's mind and Jennifer Lopez going into it? This is more or less much of the same formula - killer cinematography, costumes, and music. Raise the notch for emotional factor and better acting and you've got something along the lines of The Fall. It's fantasy to the max, and if you're into that sorta art-led wandering direction, get ready to be blown away. 8.6/10.

Anton Kannemeyer Made Me Chuckle


Give a racist a pen and he'll write terrible things. Give him a canvas and he'll make you amazing (as in provocative) art.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kristine Moran, Like Cars & Explosions


All this art is getting me hyped for some hardcore painting sessions. Once grad apps are all done, of course. Golly gee yelpers, that GRE test is less than a month away now...

Tyler Durden May Have Been Perry Bible Fellowship In Disguise


Even if you disagree with his principles, you gotta admit he sure made funny cartoons.

Ayaka Onoue Does Sustainability Theory


In Texas. In a bra. About how solar, wind, and battery powered mini-buses will be the future homes of every American in the near future.

Stranger Than Fiction Review


It's quite good to just stumble into a movie with no expectations whatsoever (no preconceived notions equals a fresh palette of cinema!). So, after viewing, I must say it's just one of those movies that's wonderfully acted, full of wit and Sandler-like Punch Drunk Love humor, and definitely ups the ante acting-wise for the comedic sensation that is Will Ferrell. All in all, it's a good film to kick back with friends and family that definitely will leave you thinking about life, death, and the good things (like smiles, sunny weather) we tend to miss everyday. 8.9/10.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Bruges Review


I didn't really know what to expect when I heard Colin Farrel was going to be in a somewhat serious film about hitmen being... well, people. Though unconvincing at certain points in the film, his performance still manages to shine with the assistance of good writing, cinematography, and a great score. Also, expect a very slow first half before the goodies come through with the rest. That said, there's really no other way to label the film other than an elegantly mashed combo of lo-fi comedy, candid character study, and an homage to none other than the beautiful city of Bruges. 7.9/10.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gallery 1950 Releases A Jacket, But It's All In Japanese


So how much is 50.400 yen exactly? Someone tell me. Google goes between $480 and $0.48, none of which I believe is plausible.

Mimi Leung, I Think I'm In Love


My type of color infusion. The crazy, zombie-like, take-over-your-body-and-use-you-as-a-tool type! Yeah, go Mimi!

The Forbidden Kingdom Review


It's hard to expect much at a first glance; the trailer kind of gives away at what the entire movie's going to be about - but I'll have to be honest with this one - it's not half bad. The fight scenes are directed by none other than Yuen Wo Ping and the casting is ridiculously entertaining enough to require a popcorn box upon viewing with an audience of at least 2 or more. That way, you could laugh at how serious (or perhaps purposely non-serious) the movie attempts to be at certain points and not feel too bad about it. Yet overall, it's much better than expected. While a purchase is definitely out of the question, it'll make a great rental for fans of kung fu films. 7.4/10.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?


Now we're talkin'. Chuckie Posse all the way! As for me, I'm still on the fence about shaving my head to be Mao ZeDong, but it still seems plausible - so long as I find a military getup before next month.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Better Than Randy Pausch


Makes sense to me. And it's in list form, too.

Takashi Murakami, He's Out There


Like a pop culture observer on drugs, he takes Louis Vuitton, Japanese anime characters, and eggheads - sends them into a Pink Floyd universe and then zaps them with his Murakami laser to create memorable pieces that look fun and colorful.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sword of the Stranger Review


While the story is pretty typical of its samurai genre, with warlords and religion playing its role in sending a mysterious warrior back into his fighting mode, the animation is definitely on point and undoubtedly contains one of the very best drawn action sequences to date of any animated movie. Fans of the Claymore and Beserk series will surely find the no holds barred violence a refresher, but just as long as you don't expect too much character development, you'll find it to be a sweet samurai flick that doesn't disappoint. 7.9/10.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh Shit Son! Bianchi Power


There's something undeniably sexy about the name Bianchi. It kind of makes me think about a girl in knee high socks and a headband. Wait a minute...

My Roy Lichtenstein Mini-Mashup


I always thought the two pieces looked ridiculously segregated, being so far away from each other, so I figured it'd be a cool idea to combine the two into a smaller frame. An impossible task at first, but after some thoughtful chopping, it looks like a much more dramatic piece on my wall. My favorite part; how the "Whaam!" covers some of the original dialogue - it's subtle, but I love it!

Mark Jenkins Is The Last Graffiti Artist


When there is no hope, no one is better off as the last man standing.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

D. Sharp Proves Color Is King


While painting walls a particular color may still be something a number of people are more than a little bit uncomfortable doing, this featured work by D. Sharp is an example of how to make it work. If you say no to colored walls, you damn well better incorporate as much of it as possible into paintings and fabrics.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Dark Knight Review


I must say, that was interesting. Though perhaps interesting may be the wrong choice of words, but it's certainly dark, that's for sure. Dark with anarchy, frenzy, and power. One small loose thread (the Scarecrow's placement) keeps it from being an immediate classic, but overall, it's one of the best sequels ever made. 9.2/10.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Street Kings Review


As a throwback to old school cop thrillers, Street Kings does a decent job despite the lack of good characters and borderline-ass casting. Still, there's nothing like a gritty good-bad cop piece littered with violence, suspense, and twists to keep your brain busy for two hours - my only complaint is that it's all been done before by the same producers saturating their belts with old material over and over again. 6.8/10.

Su Yeon Got Major Sass


But show stoppin' ain't her only middle name - she's got somethin' up here sleeve, you just don't know what. Now, cue the runway show music.

Justice - Plainsphere (MP3)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jody Rogan Captures People Like The Way I Want To Capture People


Candid, square, and heavily esquire-influenced. Just wait world, you just watch yourself. More of her collection here.

Swagger Like Them


Sampling "Paper Planes" and then busting a lyrical manifesto enough to topple buildings - that's the shit I'm talkin' about.

T.I. (Feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z & Lil Wayne) -
Swagger Like Us (MP3)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Get Craigslist Thumbnails Easy Peasy


When Crglst shut down, I became a sad panda. Then when my only other option, Craig's Toolbox, decided to suddenly start charging for their services, my world crumbled to pieces. Luckily, I'm smarter than the average bear and have found a workaround. Just follow these tips to get thumbnails working once again on-the-fly:

  1. Get Firefox if you haven't already.
  2. Download and install Greasemonkey (script handler).
  3. Restart.
  4. Install Craigslist Image Preview 2 script.
  5. Restart. You're done! Now try searching anything on the Craigslist sites and you'll see immediate thumbnail generation!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

We Are The Urban Medium


Nothing like some sweet blingin' on some political acts. The above is Kim Jong "Ill" in Wu-Tang, Nike, and James Bond mashups. Pretty dope, eh? Check out more of UrbanMedium's work here.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

When The Moment Comes, It'll Be Just Right


At least that's what I keep telling myself. GREs are no joke, man. I need to finish up moving before I royally screw myself. Kind of like the time when I ate $8 in McDonalds. Never again!

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Rotolog RePly, Using Recycled Skateboard Inlays


Nixon is calling all you skater kids with their latest super stylish analog display, with Japanese quartz movement and LEDs for nighttime time-telling. It’s not waterproof, but I’m betting you didn’t expect it to be - just sick as hell and will intimidate other teen punksters no matter how old you are.

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