Friday, June 26, 2009

Aspirations, Expositions, and Missions in Life

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As uncertain as our generation's "American Dream" has turned out to be during these past few years, leaving many folks of our Y-generation out of jobs right out of college and struggling to pay off loans meanwhile getting by on a dime, I still cannot help but dream about the potential of our future.

For now, those nickel and dimes will continue to amount to much more than we ever imagined they would be. While we try and step back to absorb wise words from our parents and elders, more often than not, we're only welcomed by discouragement tied by a dated mindset. A mindset that has led to dissimulation of our current economy. A mindset filled with overconfidence in choices based on safety, tradition, and job security.

So how does one design a successful company/venture in this dire situation, in this early age, surrounded by the endless stream of crap that's disillusioned us for so long? The more I gather ideas from speaking with associates and writing for Unplggd, the ethos of creating such an environment that fuels creativity and becomes more and more likely that it's still possible to whip up something the works, as long as you continue to have the drive to do so.

It's a secret formula, while risky in nature, has managed to continue coming together during the uphill battles I've held through the past few years. A concoction of ideas and ideals, fueled by what I like to call, "the empowerment of people other than yourself" - working on and off each other in a work flow that can only push forward, never back. And while it's not perfect, it's enough to keep me going in the direction I'm going in. So that even when I'm stranded in my bedroom with no gas money to spare, I'll still be enjoying my 10th cup of Campbell's chicken noodle soup with no regrets.


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