Sunday, August 09, 2009

Addicted to Everything

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Living in Davis these past few years have been like having a subtle stream of crank going into my system. I'm not talkin' about that nasty stuff either. I mean good crank. Crank that gets your gears moving, thinking in circles, believing in the "green movement." Crank that gets you to realize how distracted you've had been, solely fixated on single-line thinking. And change is the only remedy.

I now must confess my addiction to biking, as a mere starter, of course. Despite the general consensus that biking being perceived as "slower" and "dangerous" in comparison to driving a motor vehicle, I've learned to realize that the whole concept of distance is all relative. If work permits, I will bike there. I've noticed that ever since my buddies and I began biking that work has become less of a chore, but a mere daytime destination. When all's done, biking back brought us a renewed sense of joy, even on the toughest of days when everything seemed to be going to shit all at once. In a few words, it was "refreshing."

My other addictions have been pretty apparent if you've tracked my writing topics from the beginning of the year until now. I noticed I've gone from a modern home retro-purist, art & music blog with hints of technology to a hardcore hobbyist's embrace of present day trends in high-end audio, lifestyle automation, and European-style contemporary modern. Mainly the Swedes, really. I've found them to be pretty hip (love you Lykke!).

But what I've learned from all this isn't simply depth of knowledge, it's that one can discover by the simple act of searching. It's that thinking in multiple directions, sometimes even with no focus in particular, isn't always necessarily a bad thing. You learn to develop something you love from something completely general. Like when I discovered how 1's and 0's can be seen differently depending on the way an application had been engineered. Color correction. DAC decoders. Information pulling from the clouds. It's amazing to think that every piece of digital technology we use today, from the text on this blog to the from the inteface of the iPhone, has been purposely designed to perform a certain way, in line with what the originator had hoped to create as a user-experience.

Most importantly, however, this multi-faceted face of "everything addiction" has lead me to have an addiction to time. Time is relative to the belief that one day you will die. But no matter how hard I try to wrap my mind around it, time remains the only thing you can take advantage of in life. Fashion will change. New languages will develop. And if we allow it, wars will end time for millions. Time; you can only invest so much time into anything. So why not make it count, yeah?


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