Sunday, July 17, 2011

Someone Once Asked

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I was once asked why I got into design. And when I say design, I do speak of the many languages of design. From interior of baths to the canvas, music to the digital wireframes, design is what I largely have set out to do.

So why design? Why not medicine, law, construction, or education? For one, I feel good design excels with an emphasis on respect - consideration for everything it encompasses. I'm not saying it is unbiased compared to the other industries mentioned, but it does not deny its biases nor points its finger at its shortcomings. It is what it is - good design will flourish while bad design is universally rejected.

It is... unlike our fragmented political system of today. Where it feels like watching we're all watching the WWF, except the actions of these individuals are creating real ramifications down the line. Design does not strive to have an Agenda. It is there to solve problems - real wicked ones. To connect the dots and bring a truer reality to light, not what some man on pedestal is telling us.

In a way, design can be labeled as a distraction. A distraction from how fragmented we are as people. Or how angry we are at problems we can't seem to grasp. The fact is, everything is ultimately connected, and design seeks to expose this. Even in an age where technology is moving faster than we could have ever imagined, it has hasn't really solved anything over the past few years, only revealing how fragmented we are as an entire generation.

My intent is to use the tool of design to flatten the canvas and draw connections that are not based on political agendas or self-serving motives, but the unbiased language of humanity itself. The only problem with this approach is that humanity is inherently biased (as am I), leaving me pondering if what I'm setting out to do is possible at all. It couldn't hurt though, right?


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