Sunday, March 04, 2012

Demon Child

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I've never really come out with this, but at one point during my college career, I had a run-in with a demon child from another world.

The backstory: Endless upon endless parties at a house reminiscent of the one falling apart in Fight Club. Aside from broken fixtures and a floor that smelled like hell, '666' and pentagrams began to litter our walls. This stemmed from an ongoing inside joke and a group of friends who found this type of stuff entertaining to poke fun at (mainly because we were in the middle of God's country, but also because they found it simply hilarious).

The event: After several months of this ongoing cycle of party + graffiti + more insane nonsense, I found myself awakened at night by heavy breathing by my bedside. This wasn't just normal breathing either. I'm talking distinct long deep breaths with 2-3 second pauses in between. It chills me to the bone 'til this day.

My body was facing upward, but I quickly realized I couldn't move anything. My eyes were closed shut as I felt a strong force binding my legs together. Still calm (at this point at least), I struggled to move my feet. No luck. This binding soon went up to my hands beside my body and pushed them together. This eventually eerie binding force soon moved to my neck (and this is when I started freaking out) and I began choking. No air. Sheer panic.

I somehow managed to force my eyes wide open and my gaze shifted towards the right side of my bed. There it was. A little girl with her mouth wide open, one hand out, commanding this awesome nonsense. Of course, I tried to scream, but I couldn't. Still, I managed to somehow break from her spell, and with any strength left in my body, took a swing at her demonous figure.

Yes, I punched a ghost in the face.

After that, all I can remember is silence and the sweat dripping from my face.


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